Monday, September 8, 2014

Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho Business Analytics is one project for Business Intelligence, which has a collection of open source components.

For using open source Pentaho Business Analytics, download from the Pentaho Community web site and unzip the following projects:.

  1. Business Analytics Platform. This project allows deploying in a web server all BI components.
  2. Data Integration. This project is used for creating ETL processes.
  3. Report Designer. This project provides a simple tool for creating reports
  4. Schema Workbench. This project can be used for building OLAP cubes

For using databases, download required connector (e.g., MySQL connector) and place them in the following folders:

  1. Business Analytics Platform
    • tomcat/lib/
  2. Data Integration
    • lib/
  3. Report Designer
    • lib/jdbc/
  4. Schema Workbench
    • drivers/
Business Analytics Platform (Pentaho Server).

Once the project has been unziped, next steps must be done in order to start the server

  1. For windows users, double click in the file start-pentaho.bat
  2. For Linux and Mac users
    • Open a terminal
    • Locate the terminal in the pentaho folder. (cd xxx/biserver-ce/)
    • Execute the file using the command sh. (sh
  3. Open a browser an set the address localhost:8080
  4. Use the default Admin login information. Next figure presents the home page of the Pentaho Business Analytics Server
  5. Create a Data Source using the menu "Manage Data Sources" in order to make a connection with the required databases


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