Monday, September 8, 2014

Pentaho Schema Workbench

Using the project Schema Workbench, create an OLAP Cube by the following steps:

  1. Create a connection (Option -> Connection). The data source should be a datawarehouse that integrates information from several sources (See: Data Integration)
  2. In the Schema, include a cube
  3. In the cube, include the table that contains the information to measure (e.g., sales)
  4. In the cube, include all required dimensions.
  5. For each dimension include at least one Hierarchy
  6. For each dimension include one table that includes the information required in the hierarchy
  7. For each Hierarchy include at least one level
  8. Include in the cube at least one measure.
  9. Next cube has been created for the proposed scenario.

    The cube is stored as XML file.

  10. Publish the cube (File -> Publish).
  11. Open the cube in the server through the option “Create new” -> “JPivot view” (See: Pentaho Business Analytics)

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